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School visits
All in school experience support the NGSS!

All of our exciting "hands on"  school programs are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and are taught by"Scientist Q" a real scientist with 17 years of classroom teaching experience with students aged 4 through 14. 

Each program will have an accompanying video that teachers should show to their students at their convenience before Scientist Q's visit. 

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After School 

Any of our school programs can be adapted to accommodate a standard sized class (15-30 students), We have also just added 9 NEW programs of STEM fun that were created without specifically the NGSS in mind. Click the image above for course descriptions. The cost for these programs is variable depending on the number of children, To keep this an affordable option we have set the minimum charge to cover only 25 children.

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Birthday Parties and Special Events

Have a real scientist come to your child's birthday and bring all kinds of fun experiments and a special science themed birthday present. See our birthday section for prices and lists of available experiments and party themes.
We are also able to provide fun and exciting  activities for other science themed, children's' events like scouts, camps, VBS , recreation, etc. 


School Programs

School programs will include an entertaining video for both students and teachers to view before the Scientist's visit. Once the scientist arrives they will need a few min to set up in each class as the activities are all hands on for every student. This is not a demonstration, all children get to fully participate in every experiment and activity.  The scientist's in class visit will take 1 hour per classroom and 10-15 min between classes to physically relocate and set up for the next class.
The cost is $6.00 per student with a daily minimum of 60 students. Contact us for details and discounts!

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These experiments can be done quickly with fast transitions between them. Some may be better suited for different ages and will be noted. 

Geysers (outside only)
Bubble Plastic (8+)
Science Goo
Laser Show (requires a darkened space) 

Gear Art (6+)


Birthday Parties

These experiments take longer and we recommend only one from this list especially for children under 10 who would have more fun doing several faster experiments first.
Compressed Air Rockets*
Gem Dig and identification
Fossil Excavation
Crystal growing **
Homemade Ice Cream***



*Outdoor experiment only

** Can have a strong odor, Best in a ventilated spot. More suited to children 8+. Odor does not last long.
*** Please include choice of flavor ahead of time and as always with children be aware of guests potential food allergies. 


Every child is an individual and their birthday party should reflect that. Rather than offer a variety of "Party Packages" we will do our very best to individualize our birthday parties. Below are lists of current party experiments. Check back often as new experiments are constantly being added!


About Us

Q Scientific is husband and wife George and Edna Quadrino. George is a scientist and teacher with 17 years classroom experience. For the last 14 years George has played the character of "Scientist Q" to the delight  of children in the Atlanta area. Edna comes from a background in marketing, sales and fine art, she will be your first point of contact and will handle booking and assist you with scheduling and answering any questions you may have.  They have relocated to George's home state of Massachusetts . We have created a formula that enables us to deliver a higher quality service at a lower price to more children through the use of technology.  




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:  (508) 461-7672 or fill out the following form


Q Scientific
Webster, MA 01570


(508) 461-7672

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Scientist Q was very knowledgeble about the content and brought a lot of real-life experiences to the classroom. The kids enjoyed his engagement and humor.
Mychal Harrison 6th grade teacher

2018 Scientist Q